5 Gum

We were very excited to work with Irish International in creating these videos for 5 Gum. It was an interesting brief: we were creating videos for use in a bespoke mobile application. Using the existing 5 Gum TV advert as a starting point, we were going to allow the user to take a picture of themselves and replace the actor’s face with their own – they were going to star in the TV commercial.

We filmed footage with our male and female actors in a greenscreen studio, and then spent plenty of time in post production where all of the magic happened. Using the background plates which were supplied to us, we composited the actors over the backgrounds to make it appear seamless and realistic. We then supplied the various shots of the video in layered format to Play Nicely (UK), who did the development of the mobile application for the automatic facial replacement.

Client: 5 Gum
Agency: Irish International
Production Company: Make Perceive
Director: Andrew Sherman
Agency Producer: Barry O’Sullivan
Agency Creative: Dan Henson
Agency Creative: Andy Clare
Agency Creative: Robert McBride
Account Management: Alyson Price
Account Management: Mariana Nicoli
Cast Male: Janusz Halys
Cast Female: Jessica De Freitas
D.O.P.: Ian Murphy
Studio: deStudio
Assistant: Andy Goddard
Assistant: Dan Dalton
Assistant: Ciarán Dooley
Application Development: Play Nicely (UK)