Bloom & Blossom

Bloom & Blossom – Bath, Book & Bedtime

We were thrilled to work with the folks at Bloom and Blossom in a special project in collaboration with the Roald Dahl Estate.

We’re big fans of both Roald Dahl and the amazing Quentin Blake illustrations and so this was always going to be a fun project.

Bloom and Blossom were brave enough to do something a little different; and they came to us with the idea of using a pop-up book as the mechanism for their video. We took the concept further and storyboarded it, as well as generating style frames with different aesthetic treatments for the video.

Working remotely with Bloom and Blossom (who are based in London), we worked from Dublin and ensured that the communication around the project was always clear so that we were all on the same page.

We filmed the hands using a green screen backdrop and composited them onto the animated image, with a fair amount of masking required to get the hands to interact with the book pages properly.

We used Blender 3D to create the video, as well as After Effects for a few of the 2D shots that were used within the 3D environment.

Thanks to Katie and Luke for a really fun project!

Client: Bloom & Blossom
Marketing & Digital Manager: Katie Walker
Production Company: Make Perceive
Animation: Make Perceive
Writer: Luke Franklin
Voiceover: Gareth Bennett-Ryan
Audio Mix: Make Perceive
Music: Library
For the BFG book we used the book rig by Husam as a starting point.