BMW – Irish Open Golf

BMW – Irish Open Golf

We were very excited to be commissioned by our friends at Chemistry to work on some BMW TV adverts for broadcast during the Irish Open Golf tournament.

Stock footage backgrounds was cleverly worked into four humorous conceptual pieces by Chemistry, and we then overlaid footage on top of these that was shot in a greenscreen at the famous Ardmore studios.

Ian and Rupert (camera department) came up with a clever way of allowing us to have a mini dolly shot, giving us a nice camera move right inside the car.

Once it was shot, we then had to create four 10 second stings in record time. Post-production worked out well because we’d carefully planned ahead, and it was a matter of executing it in a slick and seamless manner. We selected the best takes, and then put the footage through various stages of greenscreen removal, compositing, grading and special effects.

We made the deadline (as always) but sadly they didn’t let us keep the car.

Our services for this project:
Greenscreen compositing
Special Effects

Client: BMW
Agency: Chemistry
Director: Andrew Sherman
Production company: Make Perceive
Creative Director: Emmet Wright
Art Director: Rob Maguire
Art Director: Fabiano Dalmacio
Account Manager: Kerrie Sweeney
Production Company: Make Perceive
D.O.P.: Ian D Murphy
Lighting: Rupert McCarthy Morogh
Editing: Make Perceive
Special effects & Compositing: Make Perceive
Grading: Make Perceive
Voiceover: Michael McElhatton
Audio: Windmill Lane