Cycling Training Camp

An Post Chain Reaction Cycling Camp

An Post Chain Reaction Cycling Team held a training camp in La Molina, Spain to prepare for the second half of the season. We sent a cameraman to spend four days with the team and capture a range of different kinds of footage, including interviews with the riders and staff, as well as cycling action shots and behind the scenes footage.

We then took the footage and edited it to produce three videos. The first was the main video about the training camp, and the next videos were specific videos that highlighted some of the sponsored products that the team uses.

The videos are used for promotion as well as to extend the branding exposure of their sponsors – a win-win outcome for everyone.

Client: An Post Chain Reaction Cycling Team
Production Company: Make Perceive
Cinematographer: Dan Dalton
Editing: Make Perceive
Audio Mix: Make Perceive