Eddie Rockets

Eddie Rockets – Messy TV Commercial

We were super excited to get the opportunity to work with Bonfire to create a TV advert for Eddie Rockets. In fact we did two; it was cleverly run as a campaign on Facebook, and Eddie Rockets fans could vote which was their favourite version (winning a trip to NASA in Florida!), with the winning version becoming the version that was aired on TV.

We filmed using chromakey bluescreen, because interestingly the background cannot be easily removed using greenscreen because the hamburgers have green lettuce in them!

In the post-production stage, this TV advert involved a lot of special effects and some 3D animation; all brought together in the compositing and finally integrated with colour grading.

We also had a great time doing the sound design and final mix for this, which really helped to bring the ad to life.

A big thank you to Bonfire for working with us on such a fun project…

Client: Eddie Rockets
Agency: Bonfire
Production Company: Make Perceive
Director: Andy Sherman
Managing Partner: Sean Hynes
Managing Partner: Ian Doherty
D.O.P.: Aidan Maguire
Food Stylist: Johan van der Merwe
Editing: Make Perceive
3D: Make Perceive
Audio mix: Make Perceive

Eddie Rockets – To Die For