Oxfam – Make Tax Fair

Oxfam – Make Tax Fair

We had an absolute blast making this short film for Oxfam Ireland. We were approached to pitch some concepts for a film around the idea of making tax fair, and the concept we developed with Dan Dalton was chosen.

From there we revised the script a number of times, and generated a storyboard. Once the script and storyboard were signed off, we moved into the pre-production stage of casting our actors and planning the shoot.

We filmed at a hotel boardroom in Dublin. The indoor shoot was relatively straightforward, but we had challenging conditions outside with on/off rain and cloud cover, as well as a large group of young children running around yelling in the courtyard where we were filming. Thankfully we managed to get the takes we needed, after many false starts.

Once the filming was complete, we edited and graded the video in record time as it needed to be ready for review in case any changes were needed, before being made public. We only had minimal changes to make, and the video was made live a few days later.

We also created a number of shorter cutdown versions for Facebook and Social Media, including subtitles.

Client: Oxfam
Production company: Make Perceive
Director: Andrew Sherman
Client producer: Sorcha Nic Mhathúna
Client producer: Jennifer Clark
Client producer: Keith McManus
Initial concept: Dan Dalton
Copywriting: Sorcha Nic Mhathúna, Jennifer Clark, Keith McManus, Andrew Sherman
Director of photography: Stephen Walsh
Sound recordist: Graham Newcombe
Editing: Make Perceive
Grading: Make Perceive
Audio mix: Make Perceive
Mark Langtry
Patrick Kelly
Elga Fox
Grainne Bergin
Prince Gamede
MJ Sullivan